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  • Eric K. Williams Advisor

    Empowerment Resources International Corp. (A+ Rated and Complaint Free per the Better Business Bureau), offers Insurance and Investment Advisory Services. ERI is located in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Center in Downtown Chicago. Eric K. Williams is the President of ERI and a member of the National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors (NAIFA). He is a Qualifying Life Member with Court of the Table Status in the Million Dollar Round Table, MDRT, the premier association of Financial Professionals®.

    • Average Family Will Pay $155K in Hidden Wall Street Fees, (Frontline - April 2013)
    • Real Cost of Owning Mutual Funds is 3.17% - 4.17%, (Forbes Magazine, April 4, 2011)
    • As Americans, we are misled to believe that we’re paying 3%-5% interest on our mortgages and student loans. However, Amortized interest proves that we’re actually paying 60% - 80%.
    • U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that 74¢ out of every dollar coming into the Household goes to Interest & Taxes.
    • U.S. Debt Statistics show that in 2020 our nation is approx. $27 Trillion in debt.

    At ERI, we Educate, Empower, and Equip individuals and families with knowledge and tools to liberate themselves from this financially broken world system. We provide financial solutions to amass wealth & Replicate it. We help mitigate the unnecessary risk and fee structure concealed within Employer-Based and most popular mainstream programs. Our income-based model provides a predictable retirement income stream, independent of market conditions. In addition, we help individuals and businesses Eliminate All Debt and Self-Finance.

  • Victor F. Green Sr. Client Services Assistant / Investment Advisor Representative



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